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Enterprise tenet

Grow together and share success! We grow together with employees, realize their pursuit of career, self-affirmation and transcendence -- create opportunities for employees. We grow together with customers, share the joy of asset appreciation with customers -- create value for customers. We grow together with partners, realize resources sharing, complementary advantages, alliance between giants and common success. We grow together with the society, promote the national economic development, revitalize the nation's scientific and technological progress -- create benefits for the society



Corporate spirit

Innovation is the soul of the Company and the eternal motive power of development of the enterprises. Tell the truth, make a move, do practical things and pursue pragmatic efficiency; Respect and revere our own occupation, treat our own occupation with respect and devout heart, deem our own occupation as the first duty, start to act immediately when something comes to mind, quickly absorb, change and act 


Management mode

Person-centered Employees are the owners of the Company, work is for the common growth of the Company and the talents, and meanwhile, work better can also reflect their own valuses. 

Guided by the performance, we assess the employees in the aspects of character, competence and performance, attaching importance to the institutionalized, processed and standardized construction 

We attach importance to resource integration, including technical resources, market resources and human resources 

Efficiency principle and satisfaction principle 

Human resource management ideas 


1. Mission: Build a learning organization that provides a platform for all capable talents who want to make a difference 

2. Job analysis, evaluation and salary 

3. Capability modeling and performance management 

4. Core team management and training 

5. Human resource needs and recruitment strategies 

6. Attracting and motivating excellent talents to give full play to their potential is the key to our sustainable development; 

7. To adapt to rapid changes is the objective requirement for talents in the Internet era. Only by persisting in learning, continuous development and improvement can we keep pace with the development of the times. 



Our talent outlook 


1. Our people are all talents, regardless of education or age, who can drive the Company's development, create benefits for the Company, and take the Company as their own career 


2. Talent is our precious wealth 


3. Talents promote the development of the Company, and the development of the Company provides broader space and better conditions for the development of employees 


4. On the premise of the Company's common goal and overall image, the Company advocates extending individuality 


5. Pursue interesting work, like-minded colleagues, healthy body, open mind and optimistic spirit 



Code of conduct of the Company 


Treat people honestly and with respect;

Attach importance to public morality and abide by law; 

Communicate effectively understand and cooperate with each other;

Actively cooperate with team spirit;

Solve problems and dare to make decisions;

Keep innovating and taking responsibility;

Rigorous and practical with professional spirit;

Self-management and abide by work ethic;

Improve performance and save cost;

Dare to forge ahead and develop yourself.







Cooperation concept Team comes first and each is primary as well as secondary 

Management philosophy: The edification  of culture and the restraint of system 

Concept of behavior: Honesty, industry, thrift 

Learning and growth concept: Concept-based, rapid learning, targeting, positioning, and rapid growth 

Business operation concept: Project management system promotion

Partner concept: Service comes first while putting ourselves in customers' shoes 


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