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1. Equipment Overview     Scalding pool, automatic constant temperature scalding pool is an important equipment for poultry slaughter. It is suitable for the scalding process before depilation. It uses electric heating, steam heat exchange mode heating, automatic water temperature control, mechanical and air dual stirring. After this scalding, The poultry body has a good hair removal effect, the body surface is not damaged, and the carcass color is fresh. It is an ideal poultry body surface treatment equipment. 2.Product Features:        All made of stainless steel, in line with food hygiene standards        Closed box structure with less steam loss        Develop different models according to customer needs
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Poultry Scalding Machine
Following immersion into the Scalder, the carcasses are optimally prepared for further processing. scalder BKAt the bottom of the scalding sections there are pipes with air metering slots which are fed by a blower. The carcasses sink near the air injection and are washed all around with scalding water. The state-of-the-art heating elements can be fed with steam or hot water. A control mechanism maintains the scalding temperature by using probes and control valves. Side lining covers are supplied as standard and provide an energy-saving operation. An alarm system can also be connected. The water level is controlled by a float valve. Due to the modular sectional design, the system can be adapted to any capacity desired. When designing the robust scalder, particular attention has been paid to providing good accessibility to each structural part, in order to facilitate maintenance and cleaning. This especially applies to the heating elements which can be easily cleaned due to their special construction.
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