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Poultry cage cleaning machine
Poultry cage cleaning machine is a kind of equipment specially used for poultry cage cleaning and disinfection. It has the advantages of stable performance, thorough cleaning and disinfection, and convenient maintenance.
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Automatic lifting platform
Fully automatic lifting platform is used to the front steps of transport the chicken and duck to hang. The equipment can automatically pick up and lower the bird cage, eliminating manual labor.
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Lifting platform
The poultry cage elevator, also called the bird cage lifting platform, is used to transport poultry cages for transporting
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Free-Roller Type Cage Corner Conveyor
Unpowered poultry cage conveying corner is connected to the conveyor belt at the corner to ensure smooth and smooth transmission.
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Belt type poultry cage conveyor
The poultry cage conveyor is a kind of bird cage conveying equipment. The machine has the advantages of reliable performance, convenient use, long life and high production efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for various types of refrigerated plants, foreign trade and other units for poultry cage conveyance.
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Tray washing machine
Tray Washing Machine is widely used in poultry, vegetable and fruits processing factories, to clean and disinfect all kinds of trays, or baskets, plates, cabinets.
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