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Poultry feet peeling machine



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Poultry feet peeling machine

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The claw machine is a kind of food machinery designed and produced by our company for various broiler and duck processing and refrigeration enterprises. The machine is made of stainless steel. It has the advantages of reliable performance, convenient use, low residual rate and high production efficiency.
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Product description
poultry feet peeling machine
1.Equipment Overview
     The claw machine is also called chicken claw peeling machine / duck claw peeling machine. It is a food machinery designed and produced by our company for various chicken processing and refrigeration enterprises.It has the advantages of reliable performance, convenient use, low defect rate, high production efficiency, etc. It is an ideal equipment for various refrigeration plants, food processing plants, foreign trade and other units.
Item Name Chicken Feet Peeling machine
Item Name HZ-DYJ-80   HZ-DY-60
Capacity 600kgs/H 400Kgs/H
Overall Size 1400*900*950mm 850*850*1100mm
Motor Power 3KW 3.7KV
Weight 200kgs  
Specified Voltage 380V/50HZ/7.9A or Customized
Material Stainless steel 304
Used For Gizzard Grease seperator  
2. Basic structure and working principle
     This equipment is mainly composed of a frame, a cylinder, a spinning plate, a transmission part, etc., all made of stainless steel, clean and beautiful, the glue stick is dedicated to food machinery, non-toxic, tasteless, clean and hygienic.
     The device drives the disc spinning operation through a direct-connected reducer, which makes the chicken feet move spirally between the disc spinning rubber stick and the barrel rubber stick, thereby realizing the peeling requirements.
3.Using method
     1. First, place the equipment on a level and solid ground according to production requirements, and fix it securely.
     2. Turn on the power (380V), observe whether the motor rotates abnormally, and see that the running direction is correct (clockwise from top to bottom), otherwise you should rewire.
     3. After everything is running normally, you can start working. First turn on the power, put in the chicken feet (the amount should be 2/3 of the cylinder volume), and turn on the flushing switch at the same time, you can start peeling work.
     4. After the time is up (generally peeling time is about 1 minute, the specific time should be controlled by the user according to the actual situation), turn off the flush switch and open the discharge port cover (Note: At this time, the discharge port cover cannot be fully opened, only open about 45 °), the chicken feet will be automatically thrown out of the barrel through the discharge cover.
     5. After the work is completed, the waste materials inside and outside the machine should be cleaned and rinsed with water to facilitate the next work.
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