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Poultry corona machine
The poultry corona machine is a special equipment specially used for changing the bird from dynamic to static, making it convenient for subsequent work.This equipment has the characteristics of reliable performance, strong continuous workability, safety and practicality.
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Poultry Scalding Machine
Poultry scalding machine is used to scald the carcass of the chicken to remove the feather easily; Thickness of Board: 2mm,Upper Cover Thickness :1.2mm,Supporting Leg Thickness:2mm. Temperature between 58C°-61C° of the water, and use blower system and impact pressure system make to produce highly scalder results.
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Head and neck hair removal machine
The head and neck hair removal machine is the main equipment in the production of poultry slaughter. It is suitable for the depilation process after scalding. The equipment adopts mechanical transmission, relying on the relative friction between the bird and the rubber rod to remove the head and neck of the bird. Feathers of the department. After the hair removal by the machine, the head and neck epidermis is not damaged, and the hair removal rate is high. Broken head, low rate of broken mouth.
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Vertical coarse hair removal machine
The vertical coarse hair removal machine is the main equipment in the slaughter production of poultry. It is suitable for the depilation process after scalding. The equipment adopts the mechanical transmission method, and relies on the relative friction between the bird body and the rubber rod to remove the bird feather.
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Vertical fine hair removal machine
A shape chicken plucker machine is used to pluck the feather after scalding, it's designed to corresponding numbers of working boxes and length to suit varies kinds poultries or processing capacity requirements, A shape chicken plucker machine gets perfect pluck performance without beak damage. The latest water proof and noise reduction design for bearing chamber brings the bearing long duration using. A shape chicken plucker machine has good feature suck as high pluck rate, low damage rate, low fault rate, easy operation and repair, easy and convenient adjust, high automatization and etc.
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Poultry dipping wax pool
 Poultry dipping wax pool is a wax melting equipment designed and produced by our company for various types of meat duck and goose processing.The Poultry dipping wax pool completely replaces artificial wax dipping and combines the functions of melting wax and wax dipping.It has the advantages of stable performance, convenient use, cleaning, and energy saving. It is very suitable for small fluff removal in the slaughtering process of meat ducks and goose.
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Automatic dewaxing machine
The automatic dewaxing machine is used in the dipping and dewaxing processes of ducks and geese and other waterfowls after plucking. It is used to remove the removed fluff and small fine hair from ducks and geese.
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Pre-chill equipment
Spiral Pre-cooling machine is used to pre-cooling procedure after eviscerated. To get ideal chilled meat, feet&head, the machine is adopted in high pressure air flow agitation and screw blade push-ahead method to ensure the poultry was cleaned and cooled completely and evenly. The length is varies from corresponding processing capacity, can meet the commodity inspection and food hygiene standards.
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