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3000 BPH Chicken Slaughter Line General Layout
the slaughtering line could used for slaughtering the chicken, duck, goose, turkey ,quail, pigen etc.
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2000 BPH Poultry Slaughtering Line General Layout
The 2000bph chicken slaughtering line is the most demanded type for small-scale slaughterhouses. It is suitable for the beginning of the slaughter industry.
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500-1000BPH compact poultry poultry slaughter line
The 500-1000bph slaughter line is the most demanded type for small-scale slaughterhouses. It is suitable for the beginning of the slaughter industry.
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300-800BPH Compact Mobile Slaughterhouse
300-800BPH Compact Mobile Slaughterhouse
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Poultry Scalding Machine
Poultry scalding machine is used to scald the carcass of the chicken to remove the feather easily; Thickness of Board: 2mm,Upper Cover Thickness :1.2mm,Supporting Leg Thickness:2mm. Temperature between 58C°-61C° of the water, and use blower system and impact pressure system make to produce highly scalder results.
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Poultry cage cleaning machine
Poultry cage cleaning machine is a kind of equipment specially used for poultry cage cleaning and disinfection. It has the advantages of stable performance, thorough cleaning and disinfection, and convenient maintenance.
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Vertical coarse hair removal machine
The vertical coarse hair removal machine is the main equipment in the slaughter production of poultry. It is suitable for the depilation process after scalding. The equipment adopts the mechanical transmission method, and relies on the relative friction between the bird body and the rubber rod to remove the bird feather.
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Spiral pre-chilling machine
Spiral Pre-cooling machine is used to pre-cooling procedure after eviscerated. To get ideal chilled meat, feet&head, the machine is adopted in high pressure air flow agitation and screw blade push-ahead method to ensure the poultry was cleaned and cooled completely and evenly. The length is varies from corresponding processing capacity, can meet the commodity inspection and food hygiene standards.
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Single Chicken evisceration Peeling Machine
Chicken peeling machine is a special type of peeling equipment designed and produced by our company for various types of broiler processing enterprises. This machine completely replaces manual labor and has the advantages of stable performance, convenient and fast use, and high production efficiency.
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